RV Sales And Service In Western Massachusetts

7 Dec


Are you searching for a  RV in Western Massachusetts?
Do you already own a RV and need it serviced or perhaps a restoration is in order?
Tim Christenson of Tim's RV, Inc has for the past 24 years provided quality sales service and restoration for RV enthusiasts throughout the Western Massachusetts and all of New England.
At Tim's we specialize in roof and collison repair. Cant get it to us will come to you with conveinent onsite maintenance. Towing is also avalible.
So if you need ANYTHING for your RV call Tim at 413-522-3410 or visit his website .
Tims RV
15 East Main St (Rt. 2) 
Erving, MA 01344
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RV Sales And Service In Western Massachusetts

Effective Video Marketing – Video SEO CALL 480-200-4222

1 Nov


Video Broadcast Services is pleased to offer their Effective Video Marketing and Video SEO for your business, serving Boston, Miami, Chicago, Los Angels, Las Vegas, San Diego, Indianapolis, Des Moines, Kansas City, Dallas, and New York, and of course any location in the United States.

Call the professionals at Video Broadcast Services at 480-200-4222 to get your business booming with our powerful  and effective video marketing.

Car Dealers, Attorneys, Plastic Surgeons, Dentists, Health Care Providers and Nursing Homes and Elder Services, Retail and Restaurants, Insurance and Financial Services, Veterinarians, Travel and Hospitality are just a few of the industries we serve.  Call us at 480-200-4222 to schedule a webinar to reserve your location and register your business.

Our exclusive services will give the edge over competitors and give your business a prominent presence in the major search engines, boost sales, drive traffic, and replace costly contracts, SEO and Pay per Click.

Call us at 480-200-4222 before your competition does.


Expert Ohio Video SEO Marketing CALL 480-200-4222

25 Oct


OH Online Video SEO Marketing

Video Broadcast Services is pleased to offer powerful Video Marketing and Video SEO to Ohio businesses.  If your located in CinncinatiClevelandDaytonColumbus, or any location in Ohio, Video Broadcast Services would like to show you what we can do for your health care practicelaw practiceauto dealershipfinancial services, or any business looking to increase their sales, drive traffic and experience more business.

Call 480-200-4222 to learn more about our exclusive video marketing services, our affordable price plans can be adjusted to any advertising budget, we look to create an investment in your marketing, we accomplish this with our impressive video portfolio, because we work exclusively we simply cannot work for competitors on your local area, this is where your business gains the edge and major search engine placement.

Doctors, Attorneys, Dentists, Banks and Auto Dealerships are just a few of the industries we serve, call us so we may show you how we can effectively boost sales for your Ohio business.

Our professional team of script writers, video production and broadcast specialists will deliver a product and service for your Ohio business that is sure to deliver results you can see.


Video Marketing Kansas – Video SEO CALL 480-200-4222

25 Oct


Kansas Video Marketing and Video SEO for Business

Business owners in the TopekaKansas CityShawneeOverland Park and Lawrence Kansas are invited to learn more about Video Broadcast Services comprehensive video marketing for their business.

Video Marketing for Kansas is much more than placing a video on YouTube.  In fact, many video marketing companies advertise video marketing services and that is simply all you get.  At Video Broadcast Services, in addition to our 15 step video creation process, we broadcast the videos we create out across the Internet attracting the clients and customers searching online for AttorneysDoctors, Dentists, Auto Dealerships, Orthopedic and Nursing Rehabilitation Centers and many more industries.

Having a strong relevant presence on the Internet is paramount to gain the edge over your competitors.  We also work exclusively, furthering the results and prime placement we obtain for your goods and services.

Call Video Broadcast Services at 480-200-4222 and get your video marketing campaign started today.


Effective Video Marketing Atlanta, GA

25 Oct

DoctorsLawyersReal Estate and Insurance Professionals, Dentists, Auto Dealerships and more, are calling the pros at Video Broadcast Services to learn more about effective Video Marketing and Video SEO.

Our exclusive video marketing services for the metro Atlanta area businesses, will boost traffic and drive sales.  Our exclusivity will ensure your direct competition doesn't receive the prime search engine placement we can obtain for our clients. We also deliver an impressive video portfolio for your own use on your website or social media pages.

We look forward to helping your Atlanta Georgia business gain the edge and exposure to attract new customers and clients, we accomplish this and much more.

Call us 480-200-422 today.  Our informative and educational webinar, while brief, explains our unique video marketing services.


Advertising for Business in Georgia CALL 480-200-4222

25 Oct


GA Video Marketing Services and Video SEO

Video Broadcast Services invites your Georgia business to our brief and informative webinar introducing your business to our effective video marketing and video advertising.

Insurance and Real Estate professionals, Car Dealerships, Dentists, Attorneys, Doctors, Health and Wellness Centers, Banks and Credit Unions to mention a few industries  will benefit from our custom created and strategic video broadcasting services, customized specifically about your business, our professionally created videos will create a massive video billboard presence throughout the major search engines, current and relevant content added on a consistent basis along with our concentrated video marketing is the solution to your marketing and advertising challenges.

Since we incorporate all the latest online marketing techniques, the only online marketing our Georgia business needs is video marketing from Video Broadcast Services.

Whether your business is located in AtlantaAugustaAthensColumbus, or Savannah, or any Georgia location we assist your business with advertising and marketing in the most effective and affordable way.

Call us at 480-200-4222 and lets get your Georgia business moving with the power of video marketing.

Our Video Marketing Approach for GA Business

  • All campaigns are done on an exclusive basis.  This means that when we are working for you we will not work with your competition in your geographical location in Georgia.
  • Each attribute of the marketing videos we create are optimized to provide the highest level of Video SEO.  We create optimized audios, voice over scripts, titles, descriptions, tags and much more.
  • We create multiple marketing videos over a long period of time feeding the major search engines with new, fresh and relevant content about your business products, services and location.
  • Each marketing video that we create for our partners, are owned by the client to use in any other marketing avenue or campaign.  We will never watermark videos with our logo.  We believe that if you are paying for the optimized videos you should be able to use them freely in any other forms of marketing with the video being free from any third party logo or endorsement at the end.  All optimized videos that we create for our clients are owned by our clients.

You path to Online dominance and exposure begins today.  No longer should you settle for mediocre products or results.  Schedule a free video marketing consultation today with one of our qualified Video SEO specialists and we will show you how we can get your Georgia business moving through the power of video.


Why Video SEO is Different than Traditional SEO CALL NOW 480-200-4222

23 Oct


Many video marketing companies take a video that you may have created and buy You Tube views.  While the views may be impressive, they are nothing more than mere spam, kind of like paying people to walk by your business.  If the end result is only views but the re is no increase in your sales…what's the point? The only point is, it's a complete waste of your money.  Only true, organic real and professional marketing drives sales. That's why we are confident in what we do, and therefore we don't tie you to a contract.  We know what we do works!

What is Traditional SEO?

Traditional SEO is necessary to allow your clients and customers to find your website,the bad news is there are many one size fits all SEO companies that jump on the latest online marketing trends, sell you an SEO service that is generalized, not target specific and is probably selling the same service to your competitors, and it begs to ask the question, are you getting what you paid for?  Spending more money and tying yourself into a long contract benefits the SEO company and not yours.  Once you're locked into a contract, your stuck, even if the results are less than stellar.

Why Video SEO is Different than Traditional SEO

Why Is Video Broadcast Services Different than traditional SEO?  Well this is the good news.  We pride ourselves on being different; in fact we demand it.  Our Video SEO services incorporates all facets of online marketing into our specialized video marketing.  Our goal is to get your business the best possible placement within the major search engines.  Our 15 step process and our exclusivity make our our results the best in the industry and the most affordable.  Bottom line is we work until the your desired result is achieved, not our, and there is no contract to tie you into. We also deliver an impressive video portfolio for use on your website or social media pages, once we produce and broadcast the video, they belong to you, and we do not plaster our business name all over your video.  We're promoting your business, not ours.

Call Video Broadcast Services at 480-200-4222 and lets get your business moving with our exclusive video marketing services.