How the Elections Can Affect Your Business

28 Sep

Every round of elections brings uncertainties, in particular for small and medium-sized companies. In general, big businesses know what to expect – not to mention that they also have the leverage to influence the policy according to their best interest. However, for the small business owner, this is always a period of anxiety, since every change in the taxation system can lead to significant losses or increased expenses, which are often enough to drive an inexperienced businessman to bankruptcy. Therefore, it’s vital to make your presence felt, during election years more than ever. Advertise your business aggressively, so that clients will remember you, even when they’re busy watching a debate or participating in a rally. It’s a period of uncertainty for everybody, so you’ll have to adjust your strategy, depending on which products are most likely to suffer a price increase after the elections. Some people prefer making a purchase before a big change – for instance, get a


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